Sessions & Socials

Morf sessions

Morf is currently having a short break, we will hopefully be up and running in 2018, we will however be meeting in December 2017 for our Christmas session. This will be a closed session and will NOT  be open to SOFFA’s.

Please check back back soon for updates on the upcoming Morf sessions.

*SOFFA’s is significant others, friends, family and allies. Each member is welcome to bring one SOFFA to sessions which are also open to SOFFA’s*

If you wish to meet a Morf committee member before a Morf session then please contact our email address and we shall arrange for two people to meet you beforehand.

Morf takes place on the second floor in the group room. The lift automatically stops at the first floor where the LGBT Foundation reception is for people to sign in. However, we have a sign in sheet in the Morf room if for any reason you are uncomfortable signing in at the main reception.

Social events

No social events here yet, check back soon.