Information for physically disabled people

  • At the ground floor entrance there is step free access to the door where there is a buzzer at an accessible height.
  • Although the entrance is step free the pavement is at an incline up towards the door with uneven pavement. There is a vertical rail on the right hand side of the door next to the buzzer if needed.
  • The door opens inwards automatically. The lift is then directly in front of you.
  • Morf is on the second floor of the LGBT Foundation, there is a lift which accesses all floors.
  • All corridors and doors meet standard accessibility requirements.
  • There is an accessible toilet on the third floor, however, it is not a changing places toilet. The accessible toilet is accessed by going through an area with quite heavy and difficult doors to open, or you may wish to go through the large community room which is usually empty, but again has doors in and out of.
  • The room where Morf meets has sofas in a rectangle. We can move sofas to create room for a wheelchair user to get into the middle if this is required, or create a gap for you to sit in between other sofas.
  • The whole building is step free throughout.

Information for Deaf, hard of hearing and sound sensitive people

  • There is a T loop hearing system in the room where Morf meets and there is a portable induction loop which can be used anywhere in the building.
  • If you need a BSL interpreter the LGBT Foundation can provide one, however we must have notice to be able to book one.
  • We are unable to provide any sort of ear defenders, however if you need them please do bring your own and wear them as needed.
  • We have pens and paper if you need to write anything down to communicate.

Information for blind, partially sighted people, and photosensitive people

  • We often have speakers who use PowerPoint presentations, if you need them to read anything from their slides out or describe pictures and/or videos please ask. Or alternatively if you wish to inform us before the session we can inform the speaker to do this.
  • We sometimes give out handouts, we can email these to you if requested.
  • There is fluorescent lighting in the room we meet in. There are blinds the window which can be shut to block out bright sunlight, however there is also the option to sit with your back to the windows if this is better for you.

Information for autistic, anxious, and neurodivergent people

  • If you wish to meet with a couple of people prior to coming to a meeting then please contact Morf and we can arrange for you to meet somewhere before the session and then come together, so you don’t need to come in alone.
  • The committee meeting finishes at 18:30 and Morf starts at 19:00, therefore, if you wish to arrive just after 18:30 it is usually quiet and before most people arrive.
  • We do not have any stim/sensory toys as a group, however please feel free to bring your own.
  • We start of the session with an introduction of names and pronouns, if you do not wish to join in that is fine. The same goes for Morf generally, there is no pressure to ever join in at any point.
  • All forms of communication are valid, so feel free to use a text to speech app, or write something down on paper etc. Please communicate the best way for you. Again there is no pressure to join in.
  • There is a quiet area just outside of the Morf room, please feel free to leave at any point, you do not need permission to do so. A committee member will likely come and check you are ok after a certain amount of time, if you don’t wish to chat to them you are fine to tell them to leave you alone.

Any other accessibility information

  • To access the building you must press the buzzer on the speaker. There is a speaker and camera attached to the front door system, if you are unable to communicate with the LGBT Foundation member of staff who answers for whatever reason then a member of staff will come down to greet you.
  • If you need to wear a mask for allergy or sensory reasons, then please do so.
  • If you need any other information regarding accessibility then please get in contact and we will do our best to assist you.